We're offering a wide range of web and mobile services for any organization set up.

Web Development

Building our clients world class websites that speak volumes about who they are and what they do.

  • Content management systems
  • Web portal systems
  • Virtual shops and ecommerce
  • Online catalogues
  • & any other dynamic websites

eLearning Solutions

Digitizing physical training or classroom set up to highly interactive, engaging, interesting, self-paced learning and effective digital classroom experience thus helping organizations save a huge part of their training budget.

  • Self-paced Learning
  • Instructor-led and facilitated eLearning
  • Learning Management System
  • Content Preparation(Digitizing training content)

Mobile Value Added Services(MVAS)

Assisting organizations optimize full potential of their target market audience who have access to mobile devices through our MVAS technology.

  • Sports and infotainment services
  • Devotional applications
  • Micro payment solutions
  • Marketing SMS & alerts
  • Utility services, among others.

Real-time Data Collection & Mapping

Mapping data as it comes in. How cool is that :) We automate physical data collection materials to digital form and transmit keyed in data at real time which becomes accessible to relevant audience. Streamed data can be data mined to assist organizations craft best decisions.

  • Automating data collection materials
  • Online data transmitting
  • Data mapping through web portal
  • Data analytics through data mining technology

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Our solid experience in Web and Mobile technologies topped with profound practical knowledge on corporate IT support, makes us your sure and safe bet. You can count on us.